• Shopping bagMateriale: foglie di ananas, 100% cruelty free, veganFodera interna in cotone microdisegno col. neroNr.2 cordoni in dotazione: nr.1 cordone lungo per tracolla, nr.2 cordoni corti per uso a mano;Nr.2 anelli/moschettoni in acciaio;Chiusura con automatico nascostoMisure: altezza 39 cm, larghezza 42 cm – profondità 19,5 cm...

    € 209
  • Handmade bow tie and cufflinks from grey oak and maple veneer. Polished off with lacquer and natural beeswax. Bow tie comes with adjustable strap. It fits neck sizes from 37cm to 54cm. The classic choice for your everyday look. Designer Bug Wooden Accessories

    € 80
  • Inspired by Paolo Uccello's painting “mazzocchio”, which is kept in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence; the position of the points used by the painter are randomized in the bracelet to recreate the geometry of the painting. Each piece of the collection will be unique. Internal diameter is about 6.3 cm. Designer FUCINA LABORATORIO DI DESIGN

    € 140
  • The collection Volare is made of Italian silks. Unique pieces, rigorously Made in Italy. Designer Lebole Gioielli

    € 110
  • TREEBOOK library is a customizable and flexible module to use, with the possibility to change either the position and number of the shelves. In double folded sheet, which forms the structure, they are cut the seats where to insert the steel shelves. The assembly of several modules generates walls with variety of original compositions.  Designer...

    € 973
  • Solid ash-wood stool, it's like a seat a tree, anchored through branches of standing transverse units and footrest levels, assembled on different layers. Compact, lightweight and minimal, it is suitable for any kind of space. You can assemble it easily, inserting stainless steel pins in numbered junction holes. Handmade, bears the marks of the...

    € 145
  • Bird is a tiny hanged lamp thought for any sort of space. Made by metal (beak) and ceramic (body), it can be placed alone or in group. Designer B-signs

    € 100
  • From "The Mosketeers" collection. Stool in iron structur and floor wooden sent. Designer ZE123 srl

    € 250
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    € 90 € 120 -25%

    Dolly teapot, inspired by the traditional Japanese shapes, sits by joint on its tea bowl, made without handle, in order to remind the ancient ritual of drinking tea in Orient. The design of the teapot’s handle let the user to incline the shape slowly, pouring and, at the same time, filtering the content, thanks to the holes hidden inside the spout....

    € 90 € 120 -25%
  • A Moka above the hand? From the “Mano” series, Down is an original Under-Moka making a name for itself. Made of concrete in white color, it is resistant to high temperatures, in contrast with the organic and sensitive forms of its structure. Designer Stefano Fortuna Design Lab

    € 45
  • Wood horse used for cutting vegetables. It is entirely hand-drawn and then re-created on the computer. The two halves are cut with the help of numerical control, glued together, then handfinished and completed with beeswax. Part of ZooCollection, a collection of zoomorphic kitchen utensils made of wood and steel. Designer Andrea Pirrone

    € 35
  • A small fruit bowl is made with four plates joint together. All parts are made by a marble tile 40x40x1cm without any waste. Designer Paolo Ulian & Moreno Ratti

    € 290
  • Alya is a container made of concrete i.design Effix. Alya is subjected to special anti-stain treatment. Designer Less is Home

    € 28
  • Candlestick concret for tea-light standard and maxi (40 and 58mm diameter). A poetic inspiration shaped in the concrete. Born from a serial handmade production, each piece has his own peculiar features and aesthetic. They are all made of the same material, but the outcome of the manual labor is always different.  Designer Moreno Dalca

    € 11
  • Maya is a small hexagonal container made of concrete i.design Effix that will enrich any environment, from your home to your office desk. Designer Less is Home

    € 25
  • Paperloo is a paper chessboard and checkers. Made of corrugated board, it is suitable for official games and becomes the container for the pieces. The game pieces are laser cut and cost saving thanks to their manual assembly. Designer Andrea Vecera / MOGLIAlab

    € 22
  • Magazine rack made of two metal sheets of different sizes and colors matched. The name of this magazine rack comes from its functionality, it has two compartments, one for magazines and one for books. Made of metal laser cutted, folded and powder coated. Designer Microstudio

    € 60
  • Handmade folding bag. Fabric and ecoleather. Designer Marakita

    € 29
  • The Stratosferi bracelets have been inspired by the imaginary shapes at the boundary between terrestrial nature and space. They have been produced on a desktop 3D printer. Each one has been studied according to the capabilities of the FDM technology in order to allow to tune the characteristic layered texture with the architecture of each piece....

    € 59
  • Vaseholder concret. A poetic inspiration shaped in the concrete. Born from a serial handmade production, each piece has his own peculiar features and aesthetic. They are all made of the same material, but the outcome of the manual labor is always different. The choice of a production process which entails a pinch of randomness results in the uniqueness of...

    € 10
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    € 472 € 590 -20%

    The blunt, clean and minimal design makes Segmento a contemporary and versatile piece of furniture that fits harmoniously both in modern and classic contexts. The bookcase is composed of a single plate of folded steel (Corten  or Inox). It is an object of design that lends itself to modular combinations, for a new and customizable...

    € 472 € 590 -20%
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