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  • A cutting board to hang on the wall as once, but immediately goes over and finds another reason and another function. One of the two faces is covered with laminate and thus the object hanging on the wall becomes a blackboard, while turned on the worktop returns a classic cutting board.  Designer KANZ ARCHITETTI

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    The cutting board Islands tells the delicacy of the forms of stone, hand-finished element, available in Marble Rosewood Classic and Rosewood Oniciato, a local material from Verbano Cusio Ossola, in Italy . Unique items with authentic certificate. Designer Ideas bit-factory / Ghigos

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  • Set for sushi, composed by two bowls and a board, which design a stick figure. The two bowls for wasabi sauce and soy sauce (the white one is the face, and the black one is the hair) with the board (which is the body), resemble, in an ironic way, the ancient japanese tradition of eating sushi on the naked body of a woman. Food sticks are not included....

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  • One of a series of three cutting boards made of beech wood strips on the size of the A3 sheets. The hole allows you to grab or hang it, and the logo branded in fire make’s reference to the relief of a known italian paper-mill. It becomes eye-catching the packaging, remembering the graphics from the paper reams. Handmade, bears the marks of the...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items