Terms and conditions


Prodes, owner of the webpage www.treneed.com with registered office in via Sansovino 6 - 20133, Milano and entered in the register of companies in Milan with n.Rea MI - 1940221 and VAT Number 06891160720 publishes this website accessible and searchable by any user who wants to find informations and / or purchase the products presented in the specific pages. The underlying conditions of use are declared accepted by all users of the website www.treneed.com, either buyers or visitors of the page.

Security on purchases

In accordance with our commitment to the security of payments , all payments made by the Purchaser on the Website with  bank card or other credit cards are made through SSL security system (SecureSocketLayer) that enables the encryption of bank data transmitted by the Buyer. This policy forms part of the will of Treneed.com to combat frauds related to the method of payment on the internet and thus protect all users of the Site. Treneed.com intends to make the Purchaser  benefit from this protection when he/she pays the Products ordered on the Site.

Availability of Products

All the Products presented on the Site are available. However, in case bought Product should become unavailable, the Purchaser will be immediately informed  and entirely refunded of the amounts.

Execute an order

To place an order on the Site, Buyers have 2 different possibilities:

- Via internet on www.treneed.com 24/7

- Via phone at 02.365.80.208 from Monday to Friday 10:00- 18:00

Any Purchaser's order constitutes an irrevocable commitment that can be questioned only in cases provided in this contract in the article "Right of withdrawal". The prices listed on the Site are stated in Euro (€) and include VAT in force at the time of purchase.

Conclusion of the contract

The conclusion of the contract will be set when the Purchaser will receive via email the notification of purchase and all the details concerning  the order. Prodes reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason relating in particular to a problem of supply products and / or a problem with the order received. The ‘confirmation click’ is an electronic sign which confers value comparable to a handwritten signature.


The Purchaser undertakes to pay the agreed price for the product ordered on the Site (price of Products and transport) as well as to settle the customs duties , VAT or other taxes on the importation of products in the countries where it will be delivered. The Purchaser can pay through credit card, credit transfer or Paypal. In case of payment through credit transfer Prodes reserves the choice to cancel the order if the payment is not received within 10 days from the date of order. The bank needed to make the payment are provided at time of order and via email. All products are considered Prodes’ property until the reception of the payment made by the Buyer .

Execution of the order

Immediately after the conclusion of the contract the order will be dispatched except case studies specifically mentioned within the product details. Only in cases where the product is not available after the conclusion of the contract, Prodes will have thirty days to deliver the purchased product to the Buyer. After 30 days the Buyer can decide whether to ask for a refund or to wait the receipt of the Product.


The shipping costs are always paid by the Buyer and are billed at the end of the order in addition to the selected Products, they  are agreed according to the geographic delivery , always visible within the product details. Neither customs duties nor VAT has to be paid for a dispatch within the European Union. Any change in the applicable rate may affect the sale price of the products in the catalog. For a dispatch outside the European Union the Purchaser must pay the customs duties , VAT or other taxes on the importation of products in the country where the delivery will be done. The formalities shall be borne by the Buyer unless otherwise stated. The Purchaser is solely responsible for the verification of the possibility of importing the ordered products with respect to the law of the territory of the country of delivery. For some products , where expected, will be possible to consult an area in which the Buyer shall pay any additional specifications relating to the product itself ; i.e any countries in which the product is not delivered , the possibility of receiving the product with different shipments , any extended warranty and different withdrawal , etc.


The Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer by courier, who is our partner. The delivery document released by the courier service to the Buyer will be a proof of the transport and release of the object. The Purchaser is obliged to check the content , compliance and the status of the products and to refuse delivery or to write down its reserves  in case he/she should find anomalies related to the integrity of the pack. In case of delays , breakdowns, total or partial losses or other problems , the Purchaser is entitled to appeal to the courier. Prodes is not responsible at all for any problems regarding delivery resulting from: (i.e.) total or partial strikes , internal or external , blocking of means of transport, government or legal restrictions, computer failures , block telecommunications and / or internet connections , etc.

Withdrawal  of products in case of absence of the Purchaser

In case of absence of the purchaser during at the moment of delivery, the carrier will leave a notice at the address indicated by the Purchaser. The Products must be picked up according to the manner specified by the carrier. In case of failure of the withdrawal within the time limit set by the carrier , the Products will be returned to Prodes which it reserves the right to refund the price of the products , leaving the shipping charges to the Purchaser.

Right of withdrawal

Any dissatisfied Buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal without giving any explanation for his/her choice. This right is always free. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to return the Products in a good state and with original tags. The returned products must be accurate in order to protect the original covers from any damage, writing or labeling. In accordance with the Article on the right of withdrawal 64 Legislative Decree 206/2005, the legal period for exercising the right of withdrawal is 14 days from the day of receipt of the goods by the consumer if the information requirements are satisfied. The Buyer who will return the Product will be entitled to a refund of the price of the ordered Product/s and of shipping costs for the arrival. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal the Buyer has to contact Prodes either via mail or phone in order to receive all the requirements to do the practice.


In order to avoid any difficulty all the Products, before the dispatch, are subject to verification by our qualified staff , and this is done to ensure the integrity of the Products themselves. The Purchaser in any case benefits both the contractual guarantee offered by Prodes against any defects in the Product may have and the legal warranty against hidden defects provided for in Articles 128 and following of the Consumer Code. The warranty lasts for 30 days from the date of delivery, as long as it is done a normal use in accordance with the recommendations contained in the documents attached to the Products and the relevant handbooks; the legal  warranty lasts two years from the delivery of goods and must be invoked by the consumer within two months after discovery of the defect. Moreover, some products have an extended warranty. In this cases he manner and duration of the warranty are set out in the guarantee certificate delivered with the Product. It does not cover damages, breakages or malfunctions resulting from failure to respect the precautions for use. To activate the warranty, Purchaser  will have to return the Product to Prodes at his own expense enclosing the original invoice. The Product will be replaced with another one and sent to the Buyer at Prodes’ expense. In case of discontinued production of the product Prodes will completely refund the Purchaser.


Any claim arising from any non-conformity of the product purchased by the Buyer shall be sent within 7 days of receipt of the product by registered mail to:  Prodes via Sansovino 6 - 20133, Milano. Prodes agrees immediately to replace the   product if it is not conform to the description in the Product.

Evaluation of the Seller from Buyers

The Buyer is informed that Treneed.com has established an evaluation system that allows him/her to evaluate the products in order to increase the confidence of all buyers in the purchase of Products on the Site. Therefore, any Buyer who has purchased a product has the right to publish on the Website a comment about their ( positive, neutral , negative) satisfaction, delivery time and amount of postage. The Buyer agrees to review and evaluate purchases with objectivity and acknowledges being aware of exposing themselves to criminal charges , particularly in the case of defamatory , libelous and / or liar comments related to a Product.

Personal Data

The information and personal data of the Purchaser that they communicate on the Site are required in order to use the Site. In this context , the Purchaser agrees to provide Treneed.com a sincere and truthful information about him/her. Therefore he/she authorizes Treneed.com to collect, process and use information about him/her. In accordance with Directive 95 /46 / EC , the processing of personal data collected by Treneed.com at the Purchaser is subject of a declaration made at the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty(CNIL) . The Purchaser shall have a right of access, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning him/ her. In order to exercise this right, simply contact at any time writing to: Prodes via Selvanesco, 75 - 20142, Milano. If the Buyer expressly accepts it , Prodes and its trading partners can send them via mail informations related to promotional activities precisely and accurate. The Buyer can decide not to receive these mails. On this purpose it is necessary to click anytime here or on a specific link at the bottom of each mail that is sent. Moreover Prodes informs the Buyer that cookies record certain information stored in the memory of your hard drive. Prodes uses this information to generate statistics audience of the Website and to propose the Purchaser some items based on the items that have already been selected in the course of its use of the Website. An alert message asks first whether the Buyer wants to accept cookies . These cookies do not contain confidential information relating to him/her.

Intellectual property

Prodes owns the intellectual property rights of the Site and the right to broadcast all of the elements it contains. The total or partial reproduction of the elements that make up the Site, on any media type, their use as well as their transfer to third parties is prohibited.

Changing the terms of use

Prodes reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms of Use prior notice sent via mail to all registered users.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms of use are subject to Italian laws without affecting the application of the mandatory provisions of the laws at the place of residence of the Purchaser. The place of jurisdiction is exclusively Milan.