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  • Alya

    Alya is a container made of concrete Effix. Alya is subjected...

    € 28
  • Cementina Candlestick
    Cementina Candlestick

    Candlestick concret for tea-light standard and maxi (40 and 58mm...

    € 11
  • Maya

    Maya is a small hexagonal container made of concrete Effix that...

    € 25
  • Paperloo _ Pliée

    Paperloo is a paper chessboard and checkers. Made of corrugated...

    € 22
  • MagaBook _ microstudio

    Magazine rack made of two metal sheets of different sizes and colors...

    € 60
  • Giramondo Pois _ Marakita
    Giramondo Pois

    Handmade folding bag. Fabric and ecoleather. Designer Marakita

    € 29
  • Stratosfero R_ Archventil
    Stratosfero R

    The Stratosferi bracelets have been inspired by the imaginary shapes at...

    € 59
  • Cementina Vase-holder
    Cementina Vase-holder

    Vaseholder concret. A poetic inspiration shaped in the concrete. Born...

    € 10
  • Segmento

    The blunt, clean and minimal design makes Segmento a...

    € 472



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  • .bijouets

    Brand of design jewelry and accessories manufactured in Trento, Italy, using 3D Printing Technology, an additive process that transforms a digital file directly into a solid object. All accessories are made of laser sintered polyamide and they are all later hand finished. .bijouets combines exclusive design with Italian know-how and artisan tradition, bringing to life a collection of excellence specially for a clientele looking for a product that is unique, novel and that does not follow the standard patterns of behavior and thought.

  • ABEL

    Independent project started in 2009, Abel is a creative space that is constantly evolving. The designer is fascinated by simple shapes and geometries; each piece she creates has to be simple and authentic. She loves nature, it is her main source of inspiration, this often leads her to make responsible choices such as using recycled materials. She takes care of every aspect of the production, from selection of raw materials to the study of packaging and product communication. Attention to detail and innovative use of materials are the hallmarks of her work.

  • Alessia Vigna

    Architect of Aosta, she discovered a passion for design at the end of the studies, and she decided to start a blog on the subject. Creativity is her passion, loves unusual items, extravagant, born by interesting and full of character concept. In 2014 she decides to put into practice what she had in her mind, the project for a line of stools. The shape and geometry are simple, the choice of material such as solid wood maple, defines simplicity and authenticity of her pieces, all made by the expert hands of an artist / master furniture maker. What makes her unique stools are legs: colored, studded, mirrored and strictly all screwable and unscrewable.

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  • Andrea Pirrone

    Sicilian Product Designer graduated from the College of Industrial Design in Palermo. Always fond of computer graphics and three-dimensional modeling, he has specialized in the use of very sophisticated CNC machines with such personally realizes his own ideas. Its ZooCollection, a collection of zoomorphic kitchen utensils made of wood and steel, has found much success, as to be exposed to the Lago Store in Milan, during the Milan Food Week 2014, and at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, during the Maker Faire 2015. He currently works for two years with a Sicilian company that deals with the design of furniture for Russia and simultaneously pursuing his project on ZooCollection.

  • Andrea Vecera / MOGLIAlab

    Creative mind of Pliée by MOGLIAlab. An idea, became company, born from the desire to propose a different lifestyle that allows the children to move into the future with the knowledge and the simplicity of the past, through a process of growth, which will help them to rediscover forgotten values, emphasizing the relationship between harmony and simplicity, in the creation and selection of simple objects and taste. Pliée is a sheet of paper that unites our lives and gives us creative energy.

  • Anna Retico

    Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she opened a workshop to study objects and materials. Lately she focused her research on the observation of the organic world and the unusual substances, such as plastic and rubber, manufactured using various techniques where the handwork is still the main element. The results are unique one-off pieces, never obvious, never mass produced.

  • Archventil

    Architecture & Design Studio founded in Milan, in 2012, known for its experiments in the field of Design & 3D Printing. In 2014, at the Milan Design Week it presents 3DStool, the first stool produced on a desktop 3D printer. Archventil works a lot with design systems by applying a broad analysis and vision approach, and by considering both the product design and its communication and branding.

  • B-signs

    Project created by Gabriele Baldassarre and Davide Bruschi, two boys graduated in design at Politecnico of Milan. Together, spending their money and time, they decide to create furnitures like lamps, poufs and moneyboxes.

  • Bug Wooden Accessories

    The idea of BUG is to transform a classic gentlemen’s bow tie into an interesting wooden accessory. BUG is a refined handwork with the added value of great design. BUG wants to remind of the link between people and nature by connecting the wildness of nature with the precision of human handwork. Logo of BUG was inspired by interpreting the shape of a bow tie as a bug, a butterfly. It has spread its wings and wants to explore the world by trying to find its right place and master. 

  • Chiara Ricci Design

    Product & Food designer, she exhibited and performed at the Milano Design Week, Milano Food Week and Connekt Art Expo. Winning the contest "#WITH - design WITH food" and the "Premio Nazionale Convivium Design 2014" with the project "Food Design for Happy Living". Fascinated by simple things and the world of kitchen and tableware, she is interested in research and experiments new approaches with food.

  • Daniele Canuti

    Born in Grosseto in 1980, he graduates in Interior Design from the Architecture college of the University of Florence and, afterwards, the Master in Product Design at Istituto Superiore delle Scienze Artistiche (ISIA), also in Florence, city in which he still lives and works. After graduating he immediately comes into contact with the world of design collaborating with a Florentine architecture studio, managing to acquire precious concepts regarding design and consolidating his own technical and artistic knowledge.

  • Davide Golzio / Wayfordesign

    The jewelry Wayfordesign are fashion accessories made in Italy created by a maker and designer of Turin, DavideGolzio. They are made with 3D printing colored resins, a lightweight, comfortable to wear, flexible and durable. Fashion accessories from simple, clean lines with a refreshing  and innovative design.

Showing 1 - 12 of 50 items